Welcome to Anna Mullen: Treleven’s First Artistic Resident!

21 Oct
Anna: Treleven's First Resident!

Treleven’s First Artistic Resident!

We are thrilled to welcome Anna Mullen, who was selected after a competitive process as the inaugural recipient of our new month-long retreat award. Anna will be in residence from October 15, 2015 to November 18, 2015. During this time she will be closely observing and documenting the sheep flock (and other aspects of the farm) as part of her deep interest in animal consciousness. A recent graduate of Middlebury College, Anna has spent summers teaching environmental awareness to children. Anna’s cover letter clearly explains why she was selected as our first awardee. She expects to present an overview of her work near the end of her residency, which will be open to the public.

The Treleven Residency Award is designed for individuals who share Treleven’s philosophy and interests, who need a peaceful setting in which to pursue creative or program development activities, and whose work will benefit from the sense of place provided by the farm. The next residency will be held from April 18, 2016 to May 16, 2016. The online application form will be available on this web site in January. The residency program is adding a rich new dimension to the courses, workshops, summer programs and farm internships that Treleven continues to sponsor. Please encourage your friends to apply–or apply yourself if you have an interesting project in mind. Treleven’s chief areas of concern include environmental awareness, social justice, spiritual development and mental health.

For more information about creative residencies at Treleven click here.


Farm and Forest Camp Registration Open!

21 Jun

Announcing: Treleven Farm and Forest Camp for young children and their families.


What: Five weeks of nature lessons, explorations, experiments, arts, food, chores and fun for whole families. We will use the Four Winds Curriculum (including a puppet show) to begin each day, and then branch out into personal explorations using the farm and forest facilities of Treleven Farm. The theme this year is Patterns: Insects, Leaves, Tracks, Animal Coloration, Frogs. We will also eat our way through 5 Harvest of the Month vegetables during snack time.


When: Thursday Mornings 9:00 – 12:00 from July 9 – August 6, 2015. Families are welcome to attend on a drop in basis. Children attending by themselves must be pre-registered and have their Medical Forms completed prior to the first session.


Where: Treleven Farm: 164 Mitchell Drive, Vergennes, VT 05491 (around the corner from Field Days)


Why: A chance for families to learn together and to have fun exploring nature in a supportive environment. An opportunity for children and parents to learn more about farming and forestry management.


Cost: the suggested donation is $ 15 per session per family or $ 60 for the five session series. Pay as you feel led.


How to register: Fill out the Registration Form and Release Form and return in hard copy or electronically. Medical Forms must also be submitted for any child attending on their own.


What to bring: A brown bag lunch (snack will be provided), sun block and bug dope, possibly a change of clothes for the muddy explorations. Families are welcome to bring bathing suits and towels if they wish to stay later to swim. We regret that we do not have a certified life-guard and cannot supervise other children in the pond.


Refund Policy: If you pay in advance for the summer and find you cannot attend all sessions, we will happily charge you only for the sessions you attend and refund the rest.


To learn more: call Cheryl Mitchell 802-989-8141 or download the forms here

Treleven Farm and Forest Registration 2015

2015 Treleven Release and Consent 2015

2015 Treleven SUMMER CAMP medical

New Summer Intern!

5 Jun

The Treleven team has a new summer intern! Emma Homans comes from Huntington, VT, and will be working both on the farm and at the Parent/Child Center through June and July. Emma is a rising senior at Middlebury College where she studies Human Ecology, a mix of environmental studies and anthropology. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, and cross-country skiing. Her favorite vegetable is either kale or cucumbers.

So far, Emma has spent a few days on the farm helping to sort through wool, plant and weed the gardens, and move the sheep to new pastures with Cheryl and Don. We look forward to a great summer! StrawberrySmile

Writer’s Retreat at Treleven

29 May

Treleven Farm, the educational and environmental nonprofit Don and Cheryl Mitchell founded at their farm in New Haven, Vermont, will be establishing a writer’s retreat in the annex beside the main farmhouse. This is a beautiful, sunny space of almost 1,000 square feet with a bed in one corner, a desk in another, a dining area with a table, a well provisioned kitchen, a bathroom and shower, and a deck. It has frequently been used in the past for tourist and guest accommodation as well as for retreats.

Treleven will now also begin offering this facility for a writer’s retreat, starting with one month in the fall of 2015 and another one in the spring of 2016. The upcoming fall session will start on October 15th. The costs for the room and for utilities will be covered by the foundation, while the writer accepted for this retreat will be responsible for his or her own transportation and food. Applications will be considered both for one-month and for two-week residencies during the initial period.

The proposed writing project should relate directly to some aspect of the Treleven mission, which emphasizes creativity, environmental awareness, and close attention to the land, to education, and to social justice. More information about recent programs and affiliations may be found on the Treleven website: (https://treleven.wordpress.com/about/). The application should consist of a cover-letter with a description of the proposed project, a writing sample of between 200 and 2,000 words, and two letters of recommendation. Applicants for the October 15th retreat are asked to submit these materials to the following address by July 15th: Treleven Farms, 164 Mitchell Drive, Vergennes, VT 05491. A selection committee from the Treleven Board will read all materials and get back to people with its decision by August 15th.

Treleven in October

1 Nov
Mentors with Enid Wonnacut, NOFA CEO and Abbie Nelson, FEED program director.

Mentors with Enid Wonnacut, NOFA CEO and Abbie Nelson, FEED program director.

This month we began two wonderful new partnership projects. We are now working with NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) and Hogback Community College. We expect that both of these partnerships will help to expand the opportunities to share the land and the skills of our Board members with an increasingly large community.  The NOFA Farm to Community Mentors provide a variety of services to both the farming and non-profit/educational communities. They help to link farmers to school classrooms through the Farmer Correspondence Program (which culminates in a farm visit for the students in the spring). They promote the value of sustainable agriculture through projects such as AG Literacy Week (Nov 17 – 23 this year). And they work on special projects; for our county we  hope to promote availability of fresh local produce for residents of our many mobile home parks. Treleven was honored to be the site of this year’s annual strategic planning session for the NOFA mentors. We look forward to learning from those in other parts of the state!

Stories Participants with Don Mitchell

Stories Participants with Don Mitchell

Our partnership with Hogback Community College began with the course: Stories in the Land, taught by John Elder and Don Mitchell. The first session of the 5 session class included a walk through the farm fields to the wolf oak tree under a beautiful full moon. Students have been working on place-based memoirs and their essays will soon be available on the Treleven Programs tab. (you can view one example here already).



On the farm front, we are wondering what the coming year will bring? When our friend Bob Cyr came to the farm to process the lambs, he said the wooly bears are only a bit more accurate than the Farmer’s Almanac. Who is to know? We have heard that big mast years (lots of nuts on the trees) are a way that trees can overcome the drain of rodents eating their nuts. But Audubon is not so sure. Who is to know? At least we have the pleasure of knowing that each season brings incredible beauties to the farm and we hope that you will join us to share in them.

Autumn Color: the old sugarbush

Autumn Color: the old sugarbush

Treleven in September

1 Nov

HarvestThis was a gorgeous month on the farm. The day after returning from a hike on the Cotswold Way in England (we saw thousands of sheep and miles of beautiful stone fences and hedgerows) we were able to welcome the Middlebury College Orientation group. They spent the weekend exploring the farms of Addison County and the role of the Migrant Farmworkers in the VT economy. It was a thrill to spend time with such open and interested young people.

New Pasture

New Pasture

Our sheep became truly spoiled as fresh new pastures were opened to them every few days. It was the only way to keep up with the lushly growing grass. With the garden almost harvested, we had time to turn toward more contemplative occupations, including thinking about how to use the resources of the farm as a retreat center. The little poustinia, (this is the Russian name for a prayer cottage) provides a place for meditation and quiet reading and reflection. The mists of morning, rising from the pond, are a nice atmosphere for tai chi or yoga. Walking the ever-growing network of trails is yet another way we can offer some grounded time to our community. Please stop by!

Wind Chimes by the Poustinia

Wind Chimes by the Poustinia

Treleven in August

20 Oct

Tiny garden, huge output. Despite the many ground hog families living nearby, the little kitchen garden kept all three families on the farm well supplied during the summer.  Salad greens, herbs, flowers, kale, chard, peas, beans, beets, broccoli, kohlrabi, zucchini, butternut, and acorn squash, hot and sweet peppers, eggplants, and of course, many varieties of tomato. We were grateful to Ethan and Susannah who returned from Switzerland in time to run the farm while Cheryl and Don walked the 102 miles Cotswold Way. Treleven has a flock of sheep, the Cotswolds

Summer's Bounty

Summer’s Bounty

had thousands, all kept safe inside a variety of gorgeous stone walls and ingenious gates.

As we thought about the wonderful network of public foot paths in the UK, we got more and more excited about sharing the Treleven trails with others. Please stop by and ask for a quick orientation!

Don and Susannah w/veggies

Don and Susannah w/veggies

Volunteer Tomatoes

Volunteer Tomatoes


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