Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell lives on a three-generation sheep farm; home base for her teaching, research, and social justice work. Her particular interests are issues that affect vulnerable families (child care, health care, education, social policy, housing, immigration, youth justice and economic justice). She is fascinated by the relationships between people, place, spirit, and social action. She co-created the Addison County Parent/Child Center, the Vermont Parent/Child Center Network, the Addison County Community Trust (a housing and land preservation trust), the Vermont Children’s Forum (now Voices for Vermont’s Children), the Vermont Early Childhood Educator Licensure Project, and the Addison County Farm Worker Coalition. She served for ten years as Deputy Secretary of the Agency of Human Services under Governor Howard Dean. She is currently President of Treleven, Inc. and serves on the Boards of the Vermont Children’s Hospital, Nomadicare, the Public Assets Institute, and Beacon Hill Friends House.

Cheryl Mitchell’s Vita 2011


One Response to “Cheryl Mitchell”

  1. Jeffrey Ruoff July 14, 2014 at 4:53 pm #

    Dear Cheryl and Don,

    I hope you are enjoying the summer, as I am, swimming, hiking, and writing.

    Glennis and I will miss Anais’ upcoming performance at Dartmouth because we’ll be out of town. However, we’d love to see her while she’s in Hanover.

    Could you send us her email address?

    All the best,

    Jeffrey Ruoff

    (Former Middlebury faculty member)

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